Why I’ve been away from Instagram

When you see the last bit of cake 🍰 this is my first post in a month! And the reason for it is that I’ve been focusing a lot more on business and trying to attract work for @matter_nomatter and also planning and creating content for @thedesignersleague 💪🏻

I’ve spread myself incredibly thin the last year and I made the decision that I needed to focus on what’s important and what could lead to a really productive and fulfilling future, instead of how many followers I can attract on instagram. I’ll obviously still be posting, but I’ve come to find the experience Instagram offers to be very hollow and unhealthy. I believe as humans we’re supposed to have real connections with people in the real world, and while social media is incredibly rewarding and versatile in many ways, I also believe the ‘social’ part has been lost in the term ‘social media’. As a result I’m going to be putting much more effort into having actual conversations with people. So if you’re a Recent grad looking for help, you own a business and need assistance, or you’re just another creative who wants to hang out and chill hit me up and let’s arrange something 🤗

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