Undr_Grds Podcast – A podcast for the creative youth

I was invited onto the Undr_Grds podcast to talk about my experiences since entering the industry. The podcast is aimed at graduate and undergraduates and seeks to give relatable advice to students, from working professionals who haven’t had the 1% experience of leaving university, to go straight into a top 50 agency and onwards to fame and fortune.

Despite how I love to speak I was oddly nervous when starting off, which is shown in how I talk at the speed of light, however I soon get into the flow of things and I like to think that the topics we discuss have helped a few people out.

As well as the audio the guys also did a video recording of the interview. Below is a section where I discuss the idea of Failure, how it’s effected me and how I deal with it. Success if a state of mind, the you’re the only person who really controls what it is.


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