Giving Snowboarding a New Voice

Divert Snowboards were a new voice to the industry with a different outlook on the status quo. They wanted to bring a new focus to snowboarding away from the big air contests and bone-shattering tricks. Instead, they wanted to focus on the freedom and mental wellbeing the sport can provide a participant.

They required new branding and a business strategy which would appeal to 18-35-year-olds and designate them as a premium brand within the industry.


The chosen direction was to position the brand as a premium ‘back-country’ snowsports brand, which emphasized experience, mindfulness and discovery. A clean aesthetic and brand language was developed which highlighted the adventure’s you can have and the memories you can make to form an emotional connection with a consumer.


New branding, strategy and positioning was developed branding and pays homage to the companies core brand values at every stage. From the photography to the colour palette, printed collateral, and apparel design, Divert acts as a celebration of backcountry and snowboarding culture. The innate ability to immerse yourself and become lost in whatever terrain, or environment you find yourself in.




The icon demonstrates the process of following a different path and not just going directly between the beginning of a journey and a destination. Reflecting the brand’s core principals as one that does not promote competition, but instead, exploration, discovery and mindfulness.


The brand colours were taken from the environments you find yourself when snowboarding. Whether that be riding through some fresh powder, watching sunsets, or exploring the resort. It was important the colour development was organic and fell in line with the brand ethos of discovery.

Poster Design 

The posters were created to position the company away from competitors within the industry. A brand language needed to be used which held a premium feel while also utilising key brand touchpoints to connotate the desired message.


Within the project, we also explored various opportunities the brand could explore in regards to the merchandise, apparel and also additional assets such as Swing Ticket.

Apparel Design

Full outerwear and core apparel collection were also designed, however, the creation of these garments is being handled by a third party manufacturer.


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