Client: Divert Snowboarding
Project: Branding
Design: Ben Mottershead and Chris Edwards

Divert Snowboarding


Divert refers to the relationship between material and environment, expressing the uses of high tech gear and accessories within a natural setting. Whilst, we are also targeting the creative expression and individuality that snow boarding promotes. With the intent to position our brand towards millennial’s, by creating a product that is emphasised across multiple platforms in which the culture of snow boarding can be experienced. Building an atmosphere of mindfulness, discovery and exploration.



The icon demonstrates the relationship between a sun and a mountain peak. Reflecting the brands core principals as one that does not promote competition, but instead, exploration, discovery and mindfulness.


The brand colours were taken from the environments you find yourself when snowboarding. Whether that be riding through some fresh powder, watching sunsets, or exploring the resort. It was important the colour development was organic and fell in line with the brand ethos of discovery.

Poster Design 

The posters look at how the brand icon can be implemented to sit amidst a landscape. One that we are aiming for people to feel as if they can place themselves within. 

Apparel Design

We are also currently designing a full outerwear and core apparel collection, however this is still in development and we can only show small number of preliminary designs.


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