Client: CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)
Agency: Matter No Matter
Project: Guys Should Be
Illustration + Animation + Script / Storyboarding: Ben Mottershead & Dan Norman
Voice Over: Myself, Dan Norman, Ryan Cleary & John Conlon

Guys Should Be


Guys Should Be was created for the UK based charity ‘The Campaign Against Living Miserably’, who’s sole aim is to raise awareness of male suicide. The single biggest killer of men ages below 45.

We still live in a society where great pressure is applied to men to uphold themselves in a certain way, with the purpose of the animation being to highlight the stereotypes men face on a day to day basis. From physical appearance, to fatherhood, internal mental pressure and emotions the aim was to show that ‘strength’, doesn’t just mean the physical, a ‘provider’ doesn’t just mean having a well paid job, ‘bravery’ isn’t just about not showing fear. Regardless of what kind of person you are the main point is you stay true to yourself and realise breaking the cliche stereotypes men face doesn’t make you any less, or any more of a man. It just makes you… you!

If you happen to be facing anxiety, depression, or any other issues ‘CALM’ are an incredible charity to reach out to for help, or somebody to talk to.