Client: Self Initiated
Project: h264 Event Series
Branding & Design: Ben Mottershead

Production & Post Production: Ben Mottershead, Marcus Thorn, Ross Mason, Andy Greenhouse

Awards: F19 Carbon Award // Branding Catagory

h264 Event


h264 was created as a bi-monthly event platform featuring up and coming musicians, spoken word artists and short film screenings hosted at ‘The Book Club’ in the heart of Shoreditch. The aim was to develop a creative space for people to discuss, collaborate and experience. All proceeds of the night went to the charity ‘Shelter’.

We also filmed the events and produced edits of each performance, which we used to promote the night but also give to the performers to use as marketing and promotional material. With video production being expensive, and the night being strictly not for profit, with the majority of people giving up their free time to take part, we used the edits as a way to repay the many musicians and poets who volunteered to perform.


The logotype was created by scanning printed type while simultaneously moving it. The concept being to create something which felt dynamic, distorted and broken down. As though the images were compressed using the h.264 codec. It was placed across the photography as a way to deconstruct the images.

The use of photography required the subject to have a penetrating gaze, as if you were the audience and the photos were watching you. It. We wanted people to be engaged by the design and be curious about the night and look into it, rather than just being told what it was.