Haus of Yösef

Founded by Joey Mottershead, House of Yösef is a contemporary dance and performing arts studio in the city of Leicester, England. The work they create focuses on the chaos of life, and all of its subtle obscurities and behaviours. From mental health, femininity and sexuality House of Yösef aim is to push boundaries and break down stereotypes around key issues.


The studio uses challenging themes as a way to place the audience in situations they may find uncomfortable, or unorthodox. They are taken on a journey from beginning to end which enlightens, amuses and educates them. From this I decided to create a visual language which in itself was abnormal. I wanted it to contain elements which felt awkward, an a visual language which guides the viewers gaze and takes them on their own journey.


The brand design takes reference from movement and spontaneous change often found within contemporary dance. Utilising earthy tones as a colour palette keeps the design grounded and soft, while the use of dynamic lines contrasts to create movement. The typeface was created to feel awkward and unusual to partner with the themes which are often showcased.
Ultimately Haus of Yösef is a celebration of the unorthodox. Why try to fit in when everything in the world stands out in its own unique way.




An adaptable layout system was created so assets could be dispersed across a space in a way which delivered information at different stages. The assets were connected by a stroked line to connotate the ides of journey and movement.

Type Design

The typeface, Yösef Sans, was designed to feel unorthodox, awkward and mismatched. Letterform stems were thickened, or reduced in order to create the feeling of balance.

The Guide Line

Lines are used heavily across the branding. However brand promotion and call-to-actions was limited to maintain a sense of mystery and discovery.

The Studio

The studio which now sits in the heart of Amsterdam continues to explore challenging themes through the use of workshops, shows and conversation.

Disclaimer: Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, Haus of Yösef has had to close it’s doors for the time being.

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