Client: Self Initiated
Project: Outstanding
Design, Copywriting & Illustration: Ben Mottershead



Created as a response to the current educational crisis, its purpose was to act as an educational and awareness guide to the current policies being enacted by the government. From Nursery, through to Infants & Junior and onwards to secondary school, university and teachers themselves, it addresses all area of Britain education system.

Designed in two parts the main project consists of a 10,000 word research thesis (wrote by myself) which highlights all major policy inactions and potential decisions. The illustrations are of my own making and consist of imagery which relates to the corresponding copy, while the newsprint editorial acts as a condensed version to the main publication, only highlighting the key issues.

This project was created during the time Michael Gove was Secretary for the state of education. The majority of the policies within the publication have since been carried out and essentially we’re all pretty screwed.