Empowering A Community For Good

The courageous young people of UKSCN & Fridays For Future were asking us adults to join them and get a million people on the streets of the UK for the Global Climate strikes which took place on the 20th September 2019. Good for nothing put out an open brief to the industry aimed at helping UKSCN in their endeavours and along with Create & Strike and Glimpse we answered.


Working with Glug Events we developed a concept was to create the world largest open-access database of protest posters. We asked the community to create an A3 poster, in any medium, with any relevant message so that anybody creative, or not can access the designs and use them for the greater good.

Inclusivity was something we recognised was missing from a lot of the companies running similar campaigns. While some set up exhibitions with work from well known creatives, or similar campaigns there wasn’t anything accessible which the everyday person could become involved in and allow for the natural evolution of user generated content.


We developed an open source database which anyone could submit to and anyone could download from. It aimed to bypass boarders, locations and language barriers. A global, DIY, creative campaign which paid homage to the very purpose of protest, and not only acted as promotion for the strikes themselves, but also ensuring that anybody could attend with something eye catching to create maximum engagement.

The name #protestbydesign was a market positioning choice. The hashtag had not been populated on social channels and we saw it as an opportunity to become the banner which the campaign would sit under, while also encouraging people to share their work across social media. Not only giving the campaign a larger reach, but Glug as well.


Content Strategy

250 Submissions (So Far)

Our database has so far acquired 250+ original submissions from people of all ages from all over the globe and received thousands of unique interactions.

While the database was created to show support for the protests on the 20th September we intend to keep it running for as long as possible. Not only as there will be future protests which require support, but also to act as a source of PR and marketing for all the involved parties.

You can view the database here!

Tate Modern Exhibition

We were invited to display 100 of the posters from our database at The Tate Modern, along side a placard making workshop which was being held by Create & Strike.

The posters were utilised as inspiration and further marketing and promotion for the workshop.

It also gave us the chance to work with another group with their own campaign and organise for the strikes which were happening two days later.

The Tate has also requested copies of the posters so they are able to add them to their permanent archive.

Clear Channel Displays

From the exhibition and workshop the media company Clear Channel worked with Glug and Create and Strike to utilise content from both parties and broadcast it across digital screen in 156 locations across the country, except for London.

The implementation of these screen allowed for both campaigns to be given a much wider reach and marketing presence around the strikes, UKSCN and Glug as a brand.

Global Climate Strike

On the day of the protests we showed up with 130 hard backed designs from the protest database. Each design included a backing sticker which contained the logo’s of UKSCN and Glug,

along with information around the campaign, further pushing brand awareness.

These were then given out to people during the day to people who either didn’t have any visual aids, or who wanted to get involved.

Press & Reaction

From the campaign we were given press in a number of notable online media platforms. These features ranged from full length articles, to individual mentions a long side other campaigns running simultaneously.

These platforms included: Its Nice That, Dezeen, Cool Hunting, étapes,

Fast Company, Design Week x 2, Digital Arts, D&AD, The Dots, AJ+, Artist Work, The Design Kids.

During the campaign we generated:

650,000 organic impressions across Twitter & Instagram. (Due to Facebooks T&C’s on matters of politics we were unable to utilise paid promotion).

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