The Designers League

Client: The Designers League (TDL)
Project: Rebrand
Design: TDL Admin Team (See full list on Behance)

The Designers League



The Designers League is 10,000 strong online creative community which aims to act as a platform for people to acquire knowledge, feedback on their work and insight into the current zeitgeist of the creative industries. As we approached the groups 3rd year we decided a rebrand was needed in order to raise the bar and take the platform to a new level, in order to be taken more seriously and reach a wider audience.

Due team who help to the run the group are currently spread out across 2 continents, 3 countries, and 7 cities. This made the overall task an operational nightmare! however, with hard work and a lot (you have no idea), skype calls and emails the rebrand came together to form something we are all super proud of and continue to be enormously grateful to be a part of.

Check out the website here!
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The meaning behind our new TDL mark made out of basic shapes and colours is a spin on what we perceive craft to be. Basic geometric shapes make up the building blocks and are a starting point for many designers work. Be it UI screens, logos, typography & illustration, they are evident in nearly all work we see.


The use of colour was important as we wanted something that stood out no matter where you saw it, regardless of medium or device and could be recognised easily. However it was also important we chose something that was also fun.  Allowing ourselves a bigger palette better represents our dynamic community and in turn will make our content much more attractive, varied and eye-catching.

Pattern Design & Social Media

Staying true to the style of the logotype we also developed a series of shape patterns which could be utilised across various areas of the brand such as social media posts, banners, animation and illustration.



While still partially in development we worked hard at developing an illustration style which was both eye catching, could utilise our colour palette and at the same time being playful enough it didn’t feel alienated by the other aspects of the brand.


For me it was important that the illustrations try to remain character focused and showcase various relatable aspects and choices that come with being a creative. It’s not just about making something look pretty, it was equally about proposing questions and scenarios that felt inviting and interesting.


The language used on the printed collateral was the most important factor. We wanted to come across as talking to people, not at them and the language had to be relatable and inviting. TDL is a friendly place where people are free to be themselves, share their work and experiment. It was founded and continues to be maintained by professional creatives. We’ve all had the same issues and struggles and this is what we wanted to show in the first round of promotional material.

Also how dope do the colours look on solid blue <3




The website is something that will acquire the most rapid change, as our community grows, so do our ambitions. We’re in the process of developing a multitude of cool stuff for our members, video content, our online journal, a job board, city meetups all over the globe and a much bigger and better merchandise store which we hope to turn into a carefully curated designer marketplace – more on that in the future though.

To begin with though we just needed something simple to kickstart us off.