Stefan Sagmeister punches child. Proclaimed a genius.

Could this be the latest craze within the industry?

In an incredible display of creativity Stefan Sagmeister of New York based design studio ‘Sagmeister and Walsh’ awed the industry by carrying out an act that some are saying is a new wave of creative thinking.

While queuing up at a local 7/11 for a pack of Marlborro and a KitKat, Sagmeister was seen completely sparking a child to the floor. The reasons for the act are unknown however an insider has come forward saying:

‘Stefan has always been a very free thinking, ahead of the curve individual. This kind of thing is something he’s been going on about for at least the last 2 years, hoping it would help to showcase a darker, more daring side to his creative persona. While the process is something I would be apprehensive to try, I definitely believe the genius thinking behind it will make it a new trend within the creative industries’.


Child has been used for dramatic effect and was not actually involved. We did steal his toys though.

The source then goes on to speculate that this is likely to be something that becomes more frequent in the weeks to come and urges any parents within the NYC area that wish not to be involved in the creative display, to keep their children indoors for the foreseeable future.

7/11, Marlboro and Nestle have all refused to comment when asked if they endorsed the behaviour of Mr. Sagmeister.

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